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When it comes to Your Appearance, You Deserve the Best Care that Money can Buy

Welcome to SKIIN By Amy

With a Passion and Love for All things Beauty, I Have spent Years in the Industry Perfecting My Skills and Trade. I Treat Every Clients Skin as if it were my own. Skin is my Passion, and Helping others Achieve Beautiful Skin is why I opened SKIIN By Amy. Whatever You are Looking to Improve in Your Skin, I will Always go through a Complimentary and Comprehensive Skin Consultation, to better understand Your Skin and Your Concerns.  No two faces are the same, nor should they be treated that way. I am a Certified Skin Care Specialist and Medical Aesthetician, Providing Safe, Effective, and Personalized Treatments and Skincare. If You are looking for the Best Solutions for Your Aesthetic concerns - You have come to the Right Place. Please browse the site, and feel free to get in touch with me today with any questions you may have. I always enjoy chatting about skin.

- Amy


Non Invasive Skin Treatments Customized For Ultimate Skin Perfection

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As One of Our Most Popular Cosmetic Procedures here at SKIIN, This Treatment has helped Countless of my Clients Feel More Confident and Happier with their Skin. Microneedling is My Expertise at SKIIN By Amy. I take Pride in Providing the Ultimate Results, while Ensuring Every Client Safety and Sanitation. I Work closely with Each and Every Client to Understand Exactly what They are Looking For To Improve in Their Skin and Confidence, and To Ensure They Received The Results They Came For.

At SKIIN By Amy I use The Dermapen®, it is an automated microneedling device , every client receives a new unwrapped micro-needle cartridge that is made up of 12 micro-needles and is disposed of after every treatment. This cartridge is attached to the Dermapen® which uses proprietary technology to penetrate vertically into the skin. The stamping action of the Dermapen’s vertical tip creates invisible micro-injuries to the skin, while stimulating the skin’s natural ability to heal itself and increase the production of new collagen. In doing so, these micro-injuries encourage and harness the body’s innate ability to regrow and repair the skin, through normal physiological processes the skin becomes rejuvenated and refreshed.

Some Benefits of Microneedling:

- Enhances and Improves Skin Texture

- Stimulates New Collagen Production

- Helps Reduce the Appearance of Wrinkles and Fine Lines

- Safe on All Skin Types

- Helps Reduce Scars and Hyper-Pigmentation (Sun damage)

- Fades Stretch Marks


- Treats Skin's Textural issues dealing with Pore Size, Fading Acne Scars, Tightens Sagging, Crepey Skin

- Leaves Your Skin with An Overall Glow and Evenness

* This is My Favourite Treatment of All, because it will Treat and Improve Almost All Skin Issues with Little, to no downtime *

If Microneedling sounds Like Something Your Skin Would Benefit From, Book Yours Today.


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Restoring Your Skin's Natural Radiance

Our Miracle 10 Treatment involves the Application of A Lactic or Glycolic Solution Depending on Your Skin which Works to Improve and Smooth the Texture, Tone and Vitality Of the Skin by Deeply Exfoliating it's Outer Layer.
The Skin's Outer Layer is Designed to Protect the Lower Levels Of The Skin from Elements: Pollution, Winds, Drying Heat, the Sun and More.
Cells Become Damaged and Destroyed in their Daily Contact with the Environment. When the Skin Cells Fail or are Slow to Turn Over, This is when Complication can Occur: Acne, the Signs of Aging, Dullness, and Unquenchable Dry Skin.
Glycolic Peels Remove Those Cells, Allowing Healthy, Radiant Cells Beneath to Come to The Surface while Releasing Trapped Oils and Debris.

Miracle 10 Facial Peel's Will:
- Remove Dead and Damaged Cells, Helping the Skin to Breath Again, Revealing Glowing Skin
- Helps to Clear the Look of Acne and Scarring
- Improves Smokers/Vapers Skin
- Refines the Look of Pore Size
- Increases the Skins Ability to Absorb Products
- Reduces Hyper-pigmentation (A Harmless Condition in Which Patches/Spots of the Skin Become Darker in Color than the Normal Surrounding Skin) This Can Be Sun Damage as Well. It is A Great Alternative to Reduce Sundamage



State of the Art Technology

Red Light Therapy works it's magic by delivering safe, concentrated wavelengths of natural light into your skin (around five millimetres to be exact) where it's absorbed by your cells. This stimulates the production of collagen, elastin, and fibroblasts. Red Light Therapy also boosts circulation, bringing more oxygen and nutrients to your cells and tissues. When your cells are hit with the red light wavelengths, a host of regenerative effects occur, leading to benefits of younger-looking skin. Our LED Therapy Treatments deliver the highest performance -optimizing boost to the skin by delivering 660 nanometers into the dermis giving it the best biological response. Science shows that with the right Red Light Therapy Treatment it will protect existing collagen and boost new collagen production. We recommend adding this treatment to our Microneedling and Peel Treatments for more benefits. The treatment is 20 minutes long, your skin is cleansed using sterilized warm towels, Hylauronic acid is applied to the skin, and goggles to protect eyes from the bright red light. Once the light warms up you will feel some heat on your skin, but most find it to be very tranquil and relaxing. A ten minute hand massage using Organic Lavender Oil is done during your treatment for a full revitalization experience.


* Increased production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid in the skin

* Helps with skin laxity, tightening the skin

* Diminished fine lines and wrinkles

* Improvement in skin softness, smoothness, and firmness

* Pore size reduced

* Helps calm and decrease redness in the skin

* Helps diminish acne scars

* Helps decrease active acne by minimizing oil production and bacteria on the skin

* Brightens skin tone

* Reduce sun damage, lightening sun spots, and smoothing overall skin tone

* Improves skin texture

* Increases oxygenation to your skin and improve circulation while also repairing damaged tissue

* A gentle way to correct specific skin conditions while simultaneously slowing down the signs of aging

* Zero downtime

Our Red Light Therapy Device is FDA Approved and safe on all skin types



Customized For Your Skin Needs

Dermaplaning is a Physical Exfoliation Procedure. We use a Sterile, Surgical Scalpel to Gently "shave" the Skin's Surface, Removing the Top-Most Layer of Dead Skin along with Fine, Vellus Hair

(aka Peach Fuzz)

This Treatment Can Be Performed Monthly, in Less than 30 Minutes, with No downtime post-treatment. Also Can be Combined with Our Microneedling and Miracle10 Peel's for Even More Benefits for you skin.

Benefits of Dermaplaning:

- Physical Exfoliation triggers the Cell Regeneration Process and Allows Products to Better Penetrate the Skin

- It is also Excellent to Rid the Face of Excess Fine Hairs which can often Accumulate Dirt and Oil

- Contrary to Popular Belief, Vellus Hairs Will Not Grow Back Thicker or Darker

- Exfoliation of Dead Skin Cells, along with Removal of Fine hair Results in, Healthier, Brighter Skin that has a Smoother Look and Feel

- Our Favourite is Makeup Application Goes on Smooth and Perfect



Plus enjoy a Free Red Light Anti-Aging Therapy Treatment after Your Microneedling Session

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