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Why Every Girl NEEDS to Double Cleanse their Skin Every Night!

Updated: May 2, 2022

This is a story of a girl who only washed her face once at night and sometimes on lazy evenings would only use makeup wipes...keep reading to find out why washing your skin twice at night will help your skin in more ways than you think.

We have all know washing our faces at night is a MUST, and if you haven't, well, I am not here to judge... but girl start washing your face!

But if you are new to hearing the twice a night notion, then I am happy you're here to learn exactly why it's not only a must for your skin but it's crucial to maintain beautiful, healthy skin.

I can say with experience in the beauty industry and from clients, every girl just wants better, more even, flawless skin like the girls in magazines. I'm here to tell you the reasons why you need to start cleansing twice a night, and the benefits you will see.

keep reading to learn more...


Our Skin is the largest organ of our body, and a person's face is the first thing you notice. So the first step in maintaining healthy, glowing skin is by always taking the day off, every night before you sleep. When we sleep our skin makes new collagen, but if you aren't cleansing the day off and leaving all the make-up, oil, sweat, pollution etc on your face, your body can't do it's job. So just think of that before going to sleep. Not washing your skin, will cause premature aging...and who wants that?

But first, a few things to consider when double cleansing.


1. Are you using clean hands when you are first applying your cleanser on your face and neck?

2. Are you rubbing the cleanser in upward circular motions for 60 seconds?

3. Are you using the correct cleanser for your skin type?

4. Are you using the correct temperature of water? Too hot could be irritating the skin, especially if you suffer from acne or skin conditions such as rosacea, it's always best to use lukewarm water when cleansing your skin.

It's just little things like this that can make all the difference in the outcome with cleansing your skin. Remember, we all have little vellus hairs aka baby hairs on our face where trapped oil and debris get. So that's why I say it's so important to clean your face with the correct cleanser in upward circular motions so you get under these hairs that can cause break outs.

Here are a few of my reasons doubling cleansing at night is a game changer for your skin.


1. It removes more impurities than a single cleansing

Throughout the day, airborne bacteria and pollution is attracted to your skin, and if they aren't washed properly, they could result in potentially contributing to aging, pigmentation and breakouts. Double cleansing will thoroughly clean your skin so you won't need to worry about this.

2. It will give your skin more of a glow

Double cleansing each night with the correct cleanser will help your skin look brighter and radiant.

3. It allows nightly skincare products to penetrate more thoroughly

Double cleansing will allow serums, moisturizers and over night active skincare products like retinols to penetrate deeper into your skin and be much more beneficial.

4. It is taking off the entire day and making your skin healthier

By cleansing twice at night, you're ensuring that both the first cleanse is removing the excess of sebum, makeup, SPF, and the second cleanse goes in deeper by removing sweat, bacteria and old skin cells to remove any impurities of pore bacteria, which can all cause acne and bigger pore size.

Now I don't know what time it is where you are, but if I could tell you one thing, it's at night before bed take the extra 60 seconds to wash your face, I promise you won't be disappointed in the outcome. But remember the type of cleanser is important too. I will talk all about cleansers and for certain skin types for the most benefits in another blog, but I'll tell you the cleanser I use every single night...twice.

My Go To and the one I have here at SKIIN By Amy is Miracle 10's Cleanser... I have used so many of them over the years, working at Sephora and Aesthetician School, and owning and working at Med Spa's, but this one just takes the cake!


I'll be honest before I found most cleansers drying, and after cleansing once my skin felt tight and is yelling at me to add my moisturizer ASAP! But with this cleanser I don't need two different cleansers like how others recommend, this one-first takes off the day with the first wash, then cleans even deeper and gives my skin a brighter complexion immediately after without causing any dryness to my skin. So it's no wonder why I can't live without it.


- Important first step in preparing the skin for better penetration of skincare products

- A PH correct antioxidant cleanser, that's scientifically formulated to exfoliate and deep cleanse the pores without causing any dryness or inflammation to the skin. The result is an increased evenness in skin tone, greater elasticity, and a brighter, smoother complexion.

- Non-drying, exfoliating, deep pore cleanser

- Increases evenness in skin tone for brighter, smoother complexion

Ladies, Not washing Your Face at night Will age your skin 7 times faster. #itsafact

You only get one face, and if you're new to knowing me, and my blog, the number one thing I always tell every client/friend that walks into my building is cleanse your face twice at night!

So in ending this lovely chat, If you can leave this blog with just one thing, it's wash your face twice every night with a medical/cosmeceutical grade cleanser suitable for your skin type. I promise it can and it will improve your skin's appearance.

If you have any questions or comments about skin and this topic, feel free to leave them below.

- Amy

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