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Updated: Jun 16, 2023

What girl doesn't love waking up to a clear complexion, you know the one you look in the mirror and do a double take cause even you're surprised at how good your skin looks today. Is it coincidence, possibly, is it the bathroom lighting, maybe, or have you been taking extra steps to better the health of your skin.

Our skin is the largest organ of the body, so what you put into your body i.e food, alcohol, vaping, cigarettes... and everything else you consume, at the end of the day it will affect your appearance.

Now some humans are just born lucky as genetics does play a big role in our aging, as I know some people who have bathed in the sun, had plenty of fun throughout the years and smoked on top of it all! and yet still look amazing for their age considering all the damage to their body and skin they have done over the years.These people as lucky as they are, are far and few between.

So Let's talk about the 4 Steps you can start today to see in a difference in your skin in 2 weeks or less.



I know, how original Amy, but for real, our bodies are pretty much made up of roughly 60 percent water. I'll be the first to admit it, I used to never drink water, why, I didn't like the taste of it. Your probably thinking, but it doesn't have a taste...exactly. I thought it was so boring and would always go for juice instead. It's funny though, the older you get it seems the wiser you get and the more you want to take care of the one body you get in this life. So here I am to say I drink about 6 - 8 glasses of water a day.

So drink that H20 it won't only help with your complexion but you are hydrating all of your vital organs which is so important.

To have a healthy looking outside you must first have a healthy inside.


Gone are the days of staying up late with friends and going into work while popping a couple caffeine pills. OMG what were we thinking!?! Oh right...we weren't, we were in our early 20's and life seemed like it was going to last forever and then you wake up and your almost 37 years old wondering where the time has gone. (Speaking for myself).

Sleep is what our bodies need to regenerate themselves and that's exactly what they do. Another bonus of getting those zzz's is your body will also regenerate new collagen, and if I haven't told you enough, that is something we all want for our skin to look young and plump.

Sleep is so important for our skin health because our body goes through a night time repair cycle while we sleep, our blood flow increases bringing nutrients and oxygenation to the skin which in returns helps to repair itself and reduce inflammation while producing healthier skin cells. But we need consistent good sleeps to achieve this. So cutting back on caffeine minimum 4 hours before sleep and sugar will help you get a good nights rest and skin recovery for the next day and years to come.



The not so secret-secret to a heathy younger You

Wanna stay looking young and feeling it too, my suggestion is to start adding in some physical activity to your weekly routine. Exercising increases your superficial circulation bringing oxygenation and nutrients to the skin cells while helping release feel good hormones, and also lowering blood pressure and inflammation.

One reason exercising is a "beauty secret" for celebs, models and athletes all around the world is because it actually drains the excess fluid that gathers in our face, which in return will take away the puffiness, tired eyes and sallow dull complexion we sometimes get.

30 minutes a day of physical activity can change your life! and can include walking, stretching, yoga, biking, etc. Physical activity just means you are keeping your body active and keeping it in good shape and good health.


Now I'll be honest I love me a good face mask, especially one that is hydrating and I can see results after just one use. But depending on your skin and its needs, the face masks you're looking for may differ from mine. I'm all about anti-aging and hydration so I will try almost anything under the sun from a reputable brand for a face mask. But I actually really like these ones by Neutrogena the "Hydro Boost" sheet mask.

They work and are under $4! So when I know I have an evening out and my skin needs a lil' pick me up as soon as I get out of the shower I will put one on my face for 15 minutes while I moisturize my body and towel dry my hair, apply my hair products etc. Now the thing with this mask is first off Hyaluronic Acid is the bomb and when applied to the skin it retains 1000 times its weight in water! That's why I like to apply right after I shower, it functions as a humectant and holds water molecules onto the surface of your skin keeping it nice and hydrated. So if you are looking for a hydrating sheet mask that doesn't break the bank but also works then look no further.


Now this next face mask is a skin game changer, and that's why I have them here at SKIIN and always always recommend them after a session of Microneedling. They are so good when I am in need of a skin treatment without getting an actual treatment.


Why I love it so much is that it has this ingredient (HylaFuse) which is like Hyaluronic Acid but on steroids, so it will promote maximum hydration for the skin. It was cleverly designed to mold securely to our face and neck, delivering pure hydrating Hyaluronic Acid deep into our skin, while stimulating collagen-building Copper Peptides for visibly younger-looking skin.

Also the healing properties of Zinc and Pro-Vitamin B5 strengthen our natural skin barrier which has serious anti-aging benefits that will help reduce the look of wrinkled, aged skin.

And B5 works as a humectant, which physically attracts moisture to the skin's surface, and delivers moisture to even the deepest layers of our skin. After I use one my skin is Super Bright, Moisturized and Even, and used after Microneedling it can decrease the redness of the skin up to 60 percent.

Key Benefits

  • Easy to apply the pre-shaped cloth mask, secured with ear loops

  • Helps hydrate and cool skin for immediate relief post-procedure

  • Assists with reducing inflammation and redness

  • Nourishes for long-lasting comfort

  • Leaves the skin feeling revitalised, smooth, and awakened

  • Softens the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, poresand acne scars

  • Plumps and firms for a rejuvenated effect

  • Suitable for all skin types and skin conditions: aged, pigmented, sensitised, dehydrated, problematic

  • Enhances microneedling results and hydration

But if you want me to recommend other face masks that aren't for anti-aging and hydration, and are targeted for other skin types and concerns, let me know and I can share some with you that I think are really good in another post.


Now Lastly but Most importantly I want to talk about a skincare product every woman needs to start using... like yesterday.


I don't know if I've talked about retinol yet on this blog, because I feel like all I do is talk about it, but it may be because I ALWAYS do, to my friends, clients, even strangers, and definitely on instagram.

But Any girl over 25 reading this, start using a RETINOL , and never stop using it. Now this is a skin care product you will not see immediate results with, this baby takes time, I mean sometimes months to start showing results, but when it does there is no going back. I only wish I knew about retinol in my 20's, but it's never too late to start. It's the ultimate ingredient in skincare.

Retinol is a form vitamin A and that vitamin A stimulates our skin cells to encourage new production of collagen and elastin. You know, the stuff that starts depleting in our faces as soon as we hit roughly 21 years old :( But using retinol over time strengthens the foundation of the skin and can significantly improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, acne, it literally tackles it all.

Retinol works its magic by increasing our skin cell turnover, the way our skin used to back in the day when we were younger. This means your skin cells reproduce at a faster rate, which will increase collagen production, even out your skin texture, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Now there are so many retinols on the market it can become overwhelming and retinol like I said is a slow and steady race.

When starting on any retinol start slow

I recommend once a week the first 2 weeks. Follow the next two weeks using it twice a week, then after your first month you can alternate days but not using any other actives in your skincare the evening you're applying your retinol. Once you notice your skin has adapted to the retinol and no irritation, redness or flakiness you can use sparingly every night if you aren't using any other active skincare ingredients like AHA/BHA Acids, Vitamin C or Benzoyl Peroxide.

Your skin can get irritated because vitamin A is such a powerful ingredient, so always start out slow when starting it and always wear SPF when you are outside because retinol does make the skin more sensitive to UVA, UVB Rays.

My Retinol go to is from the skincare line I carry at SKIIN, from Miracle10.

So there you have it, 4 simple yet effective steps you can start today to better the health and look of your skin.

- Amy

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