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The #1 MOST Important Tip in Reducing Pore Size on Your Face

Pores, everyone has them, yet most all girls I talk to in my clinic say it's one of their number one skin concerns they want to erase from their face.

The fact is pores are normal and are needed for our skin to function properly, but can we decrease the size of them? The answer is Yes! I'm going to explain to you how you can start today to start decreasing their size, but first I'm gonna break down exactly what pores are and there purpose on our face.


Pores are like channels and they exist in all skin, everyone has pores, but there are 2 types of pores, the first one related to the sebaceous glands which are the oil producing glands, and the second one is the sweat glands. There are channels in the skin that let oil come out of them and then there are channels that let sweat come out of them. They're meant to be there, they're not abnormal and they are not unusual to have.

Specifically what happens to pores when they get clogged is the channels get blocked, let's think of them like pipes leading from the centre of the gland all the way to the surface of the skin. When they get clogged at the top, the substance inside whether it be oil or sweat will dilate and get broader and bigger creating an enlarged pore.

The sebaceous gland comes from a apparatus at the base of the hair follicle, like the hair on our head we also have hair on our face, very very fine hair a.k.a vellus hair, and at the base of them is a sebaceous gland leading to a pore, an opening at the surface of the skin. The backing up of that pore by blockage up top causes it to dilate and a common condition that happens from blocked pores is acne. When people have acne its because that outlet ends up getting blocked by whatever is on the surface, may it be bacteria, dirt, oil, it ends up getting caught in that channel causing acne.


Realistically its all about keeping the skin clean and healthy. Now let's talk about what that means, it means firm and supple skin, free of dirt and debris on top of it. Makeup, sunscreen and just normal oil production, are all things that can cause the pore to get clogged up. So dirt, debris, makeup, dead skin cells as well as loss of firmness in the skin as a result to dehydration and just overall aging can cause the structure around the channel to weaken so that the channel can get blocked and the pore to get dilated.


Take great care of your skin, you have one face so what you take internally can and will have an effect on your skin 100%. So, having a healthy diet, keeping yourself hydrated, using sun protection daily are all steps that can help with pore size and keep your skin from aging. Being on a really good daily (consistent) skin care routine will really help to keep that skin healthy and vibrant for the long run.

This next step is so crucial in maintaining small pore size, its double cleansing the skin. This skin care step is a game changer especially at night. The first cleanse is taking off all the oil accumulated on the skin from the day, SPF, make-up, dirt, etc. and the second cleanse is what is cleansing your skin and cleaning out those pores thoroughly. It also opens up the channels to allow the skin care products to penetrate deeper into the skin to be more effective.

Cleansing the skin

When cleaning the skin you want to go for gel based cleansers. A gel cleanser is the most powerful cleansing option for reducing surface oil and acne-causing bacteria, providing a deeper clean than other options. Gel cleansers also alleviate redness and irritation, which makes them perfect not only for fighting acne but preventing acne as well. The gel-based cleanser helps provide hydration while minimizing excess oil production.

My everyday, can't live without gel cleanser is MIRACLE10 Cleanser II

Cleanser II

A pH correct antioxidant gel cleanser, scientifically formulated to exfoliate and deep cleanse the pores without causing any dryness or inflammation. The result is an increased evenness in skin tone, greater elasticity, and a brighter, smoother complexion.

This cleanser provides a deep exfoliation that is non-drying to the skin while deep cleansing the pores with 1% glycolic acid.

You can get yours at

- Another cleanser I would recommend for minimizing pore size is a mildly foaming cleanser. Foam formation can be abrasive at a microscopic level so very mild foaming cleansers are very important.

- When cleansing only using Luke warm water.

- Making sure you don't rub your face with a towel, always pat your face dry and always use a clean soft towel.

- Not going to bed with makeup on. I think we all know why this one is a no no, not only will it clog pores, cause acne and blackheads plus your pores will increase in size overnight. But it also ages the skin 7X faster than if we went to bed without our makeup on.

- If your wearing SPF make sure you're cleaning it off every night.


Gone are the days of basking in the sun without any UV protection.

The sun breaks down the skin, losing its structural integrity, which in return loses elasticity and collagen production. The skin starts to break down and age and this is important because this is what messes with the whole structural and architecture of the pores and skin, making it look less firm and less supple and therefore not keeping those channels open and causing them to bend.

Sun dries the skin, drying the skin leads back to the concept of creating more oil and sebum glands on the surface of the skin causing more of the stuff you don't want on the skin leading to potential blockages, so sun protection on a daily basis is very important.

Another important step is regular exfoliation because as we age the top layer of the skin starts to build the dead layer of the stratum corneum, it's the absolute top layer of the epidermis of the skin. Like layers of an onion it starts to get thicker and thicker, as a result all the dead skin then builds up and the skin becomes dull and the pores becomes clogged so exfoliation at least once a week is so vital.

Using salicylic acid, glycolic acid or enzymatic acid to exfoliate will be a game changer for your skin and pore size.

My favourite is by MIRACLE10, the enzyme exfoliator and using it once to twice a week minimum.


Thermostable exotic fruit enzymes and smooth micro-particles scrub away impurities. Gentle yet effective, enzyme is appropriate for all skin types. The complexion is recharged, glowing and lusciously smooth. Skin will be less prone to breakouts and the appearance of fine line will be minimized.

M10 ENZYME is available at

More elements of good skin hygiene include using a Retinol!

Retinol is a micro exfoliate so you are getting a very superficial exfoliation of the dead surface skin. When using a retinol regularly you are getting a constant exfoliation of the skin.

Next is Niacinmide

Niacinmide increases the firmness and structural integrity of the skin and improves the skin barrier so it allows the architecture of that pore to remain open.

Moisturizer is another product necessary, and although it might sound counterintuitive but what we want to do is bring hydration to the skin, this will actually balance and reduce the production of oil in the skin, so the less you have to rely on the sebaceous glands to produce sebum and oil to hydrate the skin. By bringing in moisture externally through moisturizer you will significantly reduce the production of oil from the sebaceous glands.


Office Based Treatments

The most consistent one and least expensive one to treat pores is Microneedling and getting it done every 4 to 6 weeks to see the benefits.

When getting Microneedling that injury caused by the needles stimulates collagen production which in return creates structural firmness and reduces pore size while improving the overall skin architecture.

Book yours today at

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