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Why is my skin changing??? Is this what I really think it is!!? Do I have Melasma?!

So for as far as I can remember, I have ALWAYS taken such good care of my skin. The only time in my life I can recall when I didn’t, were the years at the beach slathering on endless amounts of tanning oil as I got a beautiful even suntan not only on my body but my face. These days If I dare go in the sun without sun preotecton (which is very rare) my face turns uneven, red, blotchy, realistically just a hot mess, unlike when I was a youthful teen. So These days I really don't mind in the summer my face being a lot lighter in colour than the rest of my body, because hey, isn't that what bronzer was created for?!

So the girl who really will buy any lotion and potion to save her skin from aging has now awaken from "flawless skin" and has noticed brown pigmentation on her skin. But its not normal pigmentation where I can go get a IPL (Intense Pulse Light) treatment. No... This pigmentation on my upper cheek is MELASMA?!!!!! But I'm so confused... I only thought woman who are pregnant or breastfeeding can only get Melasma???

Well, this past June I went outside with spf and a hat to return inside only to notice a new brown pigmentation on my upper cheek...a.k.a MELASMA!!!!

I can honestly say I stared in the mirror in disbelief for at least 5 minutes thinking to myself how can this happen, how did this happen, why did this happen? and then I called mom.

Mother has Melasma, and I've seen her struggle with it for over 25 years, she got it when she was out in the sun pregnant with my brother, because her hormones were out of whack. I quickly sent her a picture which did not do any justice, because her response was "oh there's nothing there." But that might have been just a mom trying to tame her daughter from having a mental breakdown...But there it is, and since June 7 2022 I have been doing everything in my possible skin knowledge to get rid of this annoying brown pigment that does not belong on my face!

I'm a skin girl, how can a skin girl have Melasma ? I think and tell mom what will my clients think coming to see someone for their skin with Melasma, and her response was to cover it up. Well I don't want to cover anything up, I am so frustrated, I don't understand how this can happen, and now im scared its just going to get worse. My worst nightmare has come true. The days of no makeup are over.


  1. Melasma is also known as "the pregnancy mask"

  2. It is a skin condition that causes patches and spots, usually on the face, which are darker than your skin tone

  3. An estimated 600,000 woman in Canada have Melasma

  4. An estimated 6 million in the United States

  5. It is harmless, but it can cause self consciousness to anyone who gets it

  6. It occurs because of an over production of cells that make the colour of our skin.

  7. Melasma is a skin disorder and is caused by 3 main factors: hormones, UV Rays, and genetics



Now because I was such an avid tanner at the cabin in my youthful days, yes, I do get sun spots that pop up, but I am quick to get an IPL. That gets rid of sun damage, but here is the thing, Lasers make Melasma worse because of the heat the lasers give off to our skin, spreading the Melasma. So DO NOT get IPL or any heat providing lasers if you have Melasma.

So my question to you is do you have Melasma?

Because all I can say is it SUCKS! and realistically there is no full proof treatment to get rid of this brown discoulurarion off our skin for good...YET.

But let me tell you, I went to see a dermatologist about 2 weeks later just to be certain I self diagnosed myself properly, which I did. And this is what I want to share with you to help lighten it...hopefully, a lot. Myself I can honestly say it has lightened a lot compared to the day I first saw it, but I am so cautious now with my face if that could even be possible.

Here below are 3 Pictures of my face, the first one taken June 7 2022 when I noticed it, the second after I finished Microneedling it and focusing on the area with Melasma, then the third on August 17 2022 when I took a photo of my face when I woke up. It is still there but it has lightened, and I'm only 2 months in, so staying positive and being consistent is key.


  1. DO NOT GO IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT! This is the worst thing for Melasma as it will darken and even find new breeding ground on your face to expand to.

  2. WEAR SPF ALL DAY EVERY DAY! REAPPLY UNTIL YOU DIE! SERIOUSLY! If you are serious about taming this pesky brown pigmentation that just was dying to come to the surface than cover up your face and WEAR A HAT!

  3. START USING SKINCARE PRODUCTS DESIGNED FOR MELASMA! Hydroquinone is a great one to lighten up the brown pigment, and pair it with a retinol/ that's chefs kiss right there. But you have to be consistent. And also speak to a dermatologist on the proper percentage to put you on for both creams.

  4. I myself am consistent with my skincare regimen and can share it with you all on another post. Because skincare plays a huge role in our skin health as well.


I have just started my journey of using Microneedling as a step in helping to decrease the Melasma pigmentation and break it up. I've only done one treatment in the last month but also using my skincare creams designated for my Melasma will help boost this treatment that much more.

I also recommend not getting any lasers with heat to the area of where your Melasma is because this will only make it worse and can even cause more on the face. But I'm just speaking from experience.

I'll be honest, Melasma absolutley sucks, especially when you don't know why you got it in the first place. But you have to take it with a grain of salt and be positive, YOU are not your Melasma. And honestly just be proactive on learning more about it and taking the steps needed in decreasing the colour/pigment of it. It's 2022, I am very hopeful and optimistic there will be a treatment to delete it from existence forever. But until then, wear a hat, apply that SPF, take proactive steps, and stay POSITIVE!

You can come visit me at SKIIN By Amy in Winnipeg, and we can discuss a plan for your skin concerns, especially if it does include Melasma because now this has become an obsession for me to solve.

You can book a free skin consult at :

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