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As I'm writing this I'm looking out the window to a rainy cloud filled day. Now before I would think to myself no sun no worries, but now with advanced studies from dermatologists, doctors and scientists from around the world that couldn't be further from the truth.

The fact is, behind those clouds and rain is the sun, and even though our eyes can't see it, it's there, and it is in fact destroying and aging our skin without us even thinking or knowing about it. Now yes the truth is it isn't let's say as potent as if the clouds and rain weren't there, but those sneaky UVA and UVB Rays are still penetrating through those clouds and on your skin.

This might even sound crazy, but sitting at home enjoying the AC but the windows are open to the sky and no matter if they're 5 feet thick the UVB Rays will get through it and damage your skin, all while you are just enjoying some AC and TV.

UVA Rays are what cause the wrinkles and UVB Rays cause sunburn and skin cancer

Here is an excellent example of what that sneaky sun can do to your skin, maybe you have seen before or maybe you haven't, but this is Billy and he is a truck driver who never wore SPF (sunscreen) on his face. You can see from the picture below how much damage the sun rays did to the left side of his face and skin even though he had a window there. This just shows you that the UV Rays WILL penetrate through your windows at home and in your car. So its not just being outside you have to worry about.


Ok that may come off a little intense but it's the truth. The number one product in your skin care regimen is and should be SPF!

Skin cancer studies and there are lots, show now that Up to 90% of visible aging and damage to the skin is from UVA and UVB Rays.

But an awesome benefit of using sunscreen is when you start using it consistently you can

Improve the current look of sun damage on your skin up to 50%! While preventing more damage to the skin and reducing skin cancer.

Now everyone has a different skin type so I'm not going to recommend a specific SPF Brand or type because honestly in my opinion it really comes down to trial and error with SPF. It can say on the bottle that it's the perfect one for your skin type but then you apply your makeup over top of it and it just doesn't blend, and now your all in a frazzle like I have been before. It happens.

It can be a great SPF without your makeup on (foundation, concealer, powder, bronzer, etc) and just your bare skin, so sometimes you will have to use two different brands/kinds. One for when you aren't wearing any makeup and one for when you are.

I have probably over the course of my life tried and used over 20 different SPF'S on my face, maybe even more, it has definitely evolved over recent years and I wanted to share some quick tips when choosing one for your face.


- I recommend purchasing for your face a medical grade brand

- I like Mineral Sunscreen over Chemical Sunscreen

- An SPF of NO LESS than 30 but no Higher than 50 because than it's just greasy and has no more benefit than the SPF 50.

- Look for Sunscreen that's labeled as broad-spectrum, this means that it protects against both the UVA and UVB Rays.

And FYI, more expensive doesn't always equate to better and don't forget to apply it on to your hands, neck and your décolletage, these parts are just as important as they can always tell a woman's true age.

So, I hope I gave you some fresh insight on why SPF is so important and also let it be the last thing you apply after all your other skin care products day time and let it also set for 15 minutes before you go out in the sun.


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